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 Personal Injury Compensation

'If you have an accident with an uninsured driver we will assist in making the claim and aim for the maximum amount of compensation from the MIB subject to the evidence gathered. We could also ensure that we deal with your claim as quickly as possible.'

 Recovery of Losses

'If you have an accident with an uninsured driver we could claim  compensation for any lost earnings and out of pocket expenses that you have incurred.'


'If your injuries are serious enough to require rehabilitative treatment such as physiotherapy, where appropriate, we take steps to arrange the treatment quickly at no cost to you.'

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident with an untraced driver

If so you may be entitled to make a compensation claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) .f you are involved in an accident you are required under the Road traffic Act to stop and exchange details with the other driver. It is estimated that each year there are over 1 million hit and run incidents on the UK's roads.If you are hit by an untraced driver there is no insurance company to provide compensation for your losses. This does not mean that you are unable to make a claim. Provided that you meet the criteria we can recover your compensation for your personal injuries  and financial lo ssesfrom the Motor Insurers Bureau on a No Win No Fee basis. 



What is the Untraced Drivers Scheme

This Motor Insurers Bureau Untraced Driver's scheme deals with compensation claims arising out of accidents caused or contributed to by a vehicle/motorist who cannot be identified usually because they failed to stop at the scene of the accident. We could recover your lost earnings, out of pocket expenses and personal injury compensation from the MIB.. An injured party is also allowed to claim for treatment and for pain and suffering.The MIB will only consider claims for the cost of repairing/replacing your vehicle if you were in hospital for 4 or more consecutive days and you do not have suitable existing insurance.

Can I do this myself

You can of course decide to make the application yourself by approaching the MIB directly. The MIB will not charge you for representing yourself, however without representation you may encounter difficulties when trying to determine the value of your injuries or the adequacy of any awards offered or decisions made by the MIB. many of our clients prefer to rely on the skill, experience and expertise of a specialist to obtain an adequate compensation settlement.

Our Service

Our team of personal injury experts specialise in helping victims of road traffic accidents involving uninsured and untraced drivers claim compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. The Motor insurance Bureau are an organisation funded through contributory payments, from policy premiums, by the Insurance industry. The scheme pays compensation to Claimants who suffer a loss due to an incident involving an uninsured or untraced motor vehicle.

We will appoint one of our specialists who will represent you in making your claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme and could ensure that you receive the maximum compensation pay out. We operate on a No Win No Fee* basis and do not ask for any up front payments.

How we are paid


Your claim will be dealt with on a 'No Win No Fee*' basis. We only get paid once you receive your compensation. We take a standard fee of 25% . There are no hidden charges or VAT that are added to this amount. For example if you are awarded £1000 you will receive £750 after our fee inclusive of VAT has been deducted from your award.

What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver

If you are involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured or untraced driver, it is essential that you contact the police as soon as possible. Without informing the police it will not be possible to make an uninsured driver claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

As with any personal injury claim, to make an uninsured driver compensation claim you must seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident. It may also help you claim if you make a note of any witnesses and take photos of the scene as evidence.

Start your Claim

Was the incident reported to the police ?

Was the incident in the last 3 years?

Did you receive medical attention ?

*The Uninsured driver compensation service is run by Rapid Accident Management Legal Services Limited of which Ram Legal Services is a trading style. Rapid Accident Management Legal Services has no affiliations with any government department and we are not the Motor Insurers Bureau. Rapid Accident Management Legal Services are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator CRM2310.Rapid accident management legal services is registered in England and Wales. Company registration number. 04259782 Registered office:1st Floor 264 Manchester Road Warrington Cheshire WA1 3RB. *claims may be subject to a fee if cancelled outside the cooling off period